How To Clean Your Windows Effectively

03 Jan

Cleaning windows at the workplace or at home are perhaps one of the most feared duties a person can have. We always keep our houses clean but when it comes to cleaning windows, you will find an unpleasant sight of very visible streaks. Such a thing would happen if you do not clean your windows in the right way. There are a number of things to consider before and during the cleaning process. Before starting to apply water or any cleaning solution on your windows, you should first wipe all the dust off. The reason for doing this is to avoid rubbing any dust left on the surface of the window while applying water or any other cleaning solution.

It is advisable to use a soft piece of cloth to gently wipe the glass surface before starting the cleaning process. Also, you should wipe all the dust from the window sills. Thereafter, you can apply the cleaning solution on the glass and spread it across the surface. You can mix your solution with water although some cleaning solutions do not require additional water. Ensure that you have wiped all the solution from the glass. You can choose to clean your windows preferably on a cloudy day because the cleaning solution will not dry too fast thereby resulting in the appearance of streaks. Another thing that you need to check while cleaning your windows is to avoid using abrasive materials such as a rough sponge to remove more dirt or stains. Such materials can end up ruining your windows.

In addition to this, ensure that you clean your windows regularly. Some people neglect cleaning their windows such that the dust that settles on edges of the windows attracts growth of algae. It becomes very hard to effectively clean these surfaces later on. Cleaning the windows once or twice a week is a good practice that will ensure they remain sparkling clean. Additionally, ensure that you hire an expert twice or thrice a year to give your windows at home that professional touch, learn more!

It is easy to clean windows at home because they there are just a few in number, and are structurally located in a position that you can reach. However, most offices have a different structural design to your home. It can be a very tedious job to clean windows at the workplace because the entire building is probably made of glass walls and windows. This means that you will most likely hire cleaning services from a professional. Professionals in window cleaning have the right expertise and equipment to climb up the building and clean even the outside windows and walls of skyscrapers. If you want to learn about Window Cleaning Services, Visit

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